I love chilling with Adarsha’s organic ice cream

I love chilling with Adarsha’s organic ice cream

I love chilling with Adarsha’s organic ice cream

Atul Pai   ¦    Jun 04, 2019 09:27:05 AM (IST)

Adarsha, a 27-year-old youth from Uppinangady is selling his unique ‘Made in India’ organic products in the Mangaluru. Every Sunday from 7 to 10:30 a.m. 27-year-old Adarsha Subraya sells his organic ‘Made in India’ ice creams in the Organic market at PM Rao Road at Hampankatta in Mangaluru.

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Adarsha, who hails from Uppinangady town of Dakshina Kannada district has completed his B.E. Electrical and Electronics from PESIT, Bengaluru. He hails from an agricultural background and his father is a ‘Naadi Vaidya’ (a practitioner of Ayurvedic medicines through pulse). He believes that the farm products are usually undervalued and more value is given to the products that usually come to the supermarkets with high price or equivalent value. He firmly believes in ‘Made in India’ products and proudly promotes the same. “Most of the raw materials we grow, and few by nearby farms. The only product we purchase from grocery shop is sugar” - he says. Also, every farmer needs to get some good motivation to grow what he grows in his farm and most of it can be achieved when he gets a good price for it- he adds.

The whole idea was Adarsha’s and initially, he used to manufacture ice cream using only one hand blender and a small freezer all of which costed him about Rs. 16,000/-. He says “Testing the raw materials that go into the ice cream plays a major role here and marking each tree which gives the best fruit.” Currently, he is running his factory located at Ilanthila, approximately 5 kilometres from Uppinangady town. The process starts by making the fruit pulp and it is a long process and takes a lot of time. He is making ice creams for the past six months now.

Currently, there are eight varieties of ice cream that he prepares; jack fruit, wild mango, tender coconut, areca nut, bird’s eye chili, honey, wild jack fruit, and the cashew apple. But he has plans to further bring in more flavours to the list. Apart from manufacturing ice creams, he sells ayurvedic medicines for diabetes and kidney stone as well as pure raw honey under the name ‘Moolikavana Kailar’ on the e-commerce website, Amazon. When he first made the homemade jack fruit ice cream, the people appreciated saying it just tastes like jack fruit – he says (with a grin).

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“Every business has competitors and I keep it open to customers to have what they want to have”- he says. He has received immense response and support from his family members as well as the public. He also sells these ice creams and Ayurveda products in Krishi Melas and also supplies it to weddings and Upanayana (brahmopadesham) orders in Dakshina Kannada. He says “Patience, perseverance, and courage are the key ingredients to keep me moving.”