Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru successfully performs ABOi Kidney Transplant

Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru successfully performs ABOi Kidney Transplant

Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru successfully performs ABOi Kidney Transplant

U K   ¦    May 29, 2019 05:02:21 PM (IST)

Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru successfully performs ABOi Kidney Transplant-1Mysuru: Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru, successfully performed two rare Blood Group Incompatible (ABOi) kidney transplants recently, on two men, who have been on dialysis. In both the instances, their respective wives donated their kidneys and gave them a new lease of life.

In an ABOi Incompatible kidney transplant the blood group of the donor and the recipient are not compatible (do not match). In the first case, Ramakrishna, a 65-year-old, Businessman hailing from Mandya, was diagnosed with kidney failure in the year 2012. Prior to consulting Columbia Asia Hospital Mysore, he was treated at multiple Hospitals. On the day of their wedding anniversary the couple got into kidney transplantation. Few minutes before the kidney transplantation they celebrated the wedding anniversary at the bedside. The donor for Ramakrishna was none other than his wife Mamatha.

The doctors later suggested for an ABOi kidney transplant, where Dr PM Uthappa, Consultant Nephrologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysuru prepared him with various treatments to reduce the risk of rejection and the Transplant team. The procedure was successful and both the donor and recipient are doing fine.

In the second case, Kodanda Ramaiah, 64-year-old retired LIC agent was diagnosed with Kidney failure in the year 2018 and was initiated on dialysis. His 53-year-old wife Kamalamma, who was A positive was willing to donate her kidney but was not a match. After extensive counselling on ABO incompatible transplant, the couple were prepared and taken up for the surgery. Post-surgery both Kodanda Ramaiah and Kamalamma are doing fine and are under medications.

Dr PM Uthappa, Chief Nephrologist and Transplant Physician, Columbia Asia Hospital, Mysore said “ABOi procedure opens up possibilities of transplant for patients who have incompatible donors but it is a lot of hard work. ABOi transplants are tricky, complicated and very technical. We are happy that it all worked out for our patients. I take this opportunity to thank the huge team of healthcare professionals who worked relentlessly during the pre-conditioning stage, during the transplant surgery and during the recovery period”.

Ramakrishna said “Life came to a standstill after I was diagnosed with kidney failure 7 years ago. I visited multiple Hospitals looking for solutions and dialysis, though lifesaving, was draining me emotionally and financially. I had not heard of ABOi transplant can be done and that too locally in Mysuru. I just trusted my doctors and went for it. ABOi procedure is a new hope of life for all the Kidney failure patients like me”. He also thanked his wife for coming forward and donating her kidney. Before going for transplantation both Ramakrishna and Mamatha celebrated their marriage anniversary and went for operation. “For me my husband is everything, when I came to know that I can also donate my kidney without second thought I told my husband that I will donate kidney. Today he is doing well, I want to thank doctors and other staff members for their effort” added Mamatha.

Due to the shortage of organ donors and rise in number of people suffering from end stage renal disease, ABOi transplantation should be considered, if there is a incompatible donor.

Dr Upendra Shenoy, Medical Superintendent, and Dr Dinesh from Columbia Asia Hospital was also present.

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Columbia Asia Hospital Mysuru successfully performs ABOi Kidney Transplant