Top 5 World Cup Rivalries

Top 5 World Cup Rivalries

Top 5 World Cup Rivalries

Seema Gurnani   ¦    Jun 03, 2019 02:55:51 PM (IST)

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The World Cup is famous not only because of its interesting matches but also because supporters enjoy watching the breathtaking match-ups between the fiercest of rival teams. Here is the list of top 5 World Cup rival teams

Pakistan vs. India

The rivalry between India and Pakistan is well-documented. Their rivalry off the pitch makes their matches all the more interesting. According to a report, these matches notch up around 300 million viewers around the world. To this date, India and Pakistan have faced each other 6 times in the World cup and all six times have ended in Indian victories. Both the teams look forward to taking themselves top of the World cup points table. The last time where both the teams had a face-off was in World Cup 2015, where India won by 76 runs.

England vs. Australia

England and Australia are two of the most historic cricket-playing nations and have been rivals since the 1800s. Given the off-field history between both, the teams hold an amazing TV coverage as well. Recently, Australia beat England in the warm-up sessions for World Cup by 12 runs. Overall, both England and Australia have faced each other 7 times in World Cups and Australia has won 5 times.

Australia vs. South Africa

Given Australia’s undeniable quality, they were rivals with almost every other nation. One of Australia’s famous rivalries is with South Africa. Recently, Australia lost the ODI series away to South Africa, winning just one of the 3 matches. They have a strong sporting relationship when it comes to Cricket. Also, it is important to note that only South Africa has managed to end a match in a tie against Australia when it comes to World Cups. Other than that, Australia has won 3 out of 5 clashes.

Australia vs. West Indies

West Indies are no longer in their brutal side they were in the 1980s. The rivalry between Australia and the West Indies is one of the most historically significant ones. The rivalry between the two countries took off since the 1980s. With Australia being one of the top-ranked teams in the world, West Indies are guaranteed to put in their best efforts to inflict defeat upon their fierce rivals. West Indies showered their excellence in the world cup by beating Australia 5 times in 9 world cup clashes, which is the best record against Australia for any team.

South Africa vs. India

Whoever tops the World cup points table is the team to beat. And this is how some of the famous rivalries are built. One of such rivalries is between South Africa and India. Matches between the two teams have always been filled with entertainment. With the Africans scoring most runs in cricket World Cup, they would attempt to keep that record intact. South Africa was invincible for India until the last World Cup, where India marked its first World Cup victory over the Proteas.

Cricket matches are always interesting, but what makes them more compelling is the historic rivalry between two teams. There are many teams whose on and off-field rivalries that will remain historically significant.